statistics coursework

Question 1 (10 marks) Include an appropriate diagram for each part of this question. You can sketch these diagrams and paste in a photo of your sketch, along with your solutions. BranCrunch is a new breakfast cereal. Boxes of BranCrunch are labelled ˜ 675 grams’ but there is some variation. The actual mean weight is 675 grams with a standard deviation of 21 grams. Dan’s Discount Store sells BranCrunch in mega-packs of 8 boxes. Assuming the weights of boxes of BranCrunch are normally distributed, find the probability that the average weight of a mega-pack of BranCrunch is higher than 665 grams. Louie’s Convenience Store receives a shipment of 30 boxes of BranCrunch. Louie’s will complain to the manufacturers if the total weight of this shipment is lower than 20 kg. Find the probability that Louie’s Convenience Store will complain about the shipment and explain why the information about the weights of BranCrunch following a normal distribution is not necessary to answer this part of the question. In 2014 the Department of Social Services reported that 32% of current marriages in Australia were expected to end in divorce. Find the probability that more than 8 marriages out of a random sample of 20 marriages which were current in 2014 would end in divorce. Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.