Student Athletes Retention Programs.

In 1991, the NCAA created the Challenging Athletes’ Minds for Personal Success/ life skills program. For this assignment we are going to focus on student athlete retention programs. Your assignment is: 1.Review the NCAA CHAMPS/life skills program by going to the NCAA champs skill website as well as reading material online concerning this program. 2.Once you have done this and have a thorough understanding of how this program operates, describe how you would implement it into your current program or the type of program with which you aspire to work. 3.For this assignment, go to Division I, II and III athletic department web sites and look at their descriptions of the CHAMPS/life skills program at their universities. 4.If the Division II and III universities do not have a description of the CHAMPS/life skills program, go to two additional Division I athletic department websites and review their CHAMPS / life skills programs. 5.Describe the differences, if any. Upon review, what do you believe to be the best practices for implementing this kind of program focused on life skills? Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.