Studying the Global Migration Crisis

please read and follow the following instructions: There are many commentators and journalists who believe we are in the midst of one of the worst forced migration/refugee crises in over 75 years. See the excellent presentation by the NY Times: In the global community, there are different ways to characterize this crisis, which is explained very well by As an aspiring political scientist (and as a human being!), this crisis grabs your attention. So you read the two above articles, and also look at what the pundits are saying about what is to be done to alleiviate this crisis: From the NY Times Editorial Board: nytopinion&smtyp=cur And from a former aide to British Prime Minister David Cameron: With all this news and analysis at your disposal, it is now time to look at the problem as a political scientist would. For this assignment: (1) Read and summarize all of the above articles (2) What kind of questions could a political scientist seek to study about this migrant crisis? Create at least three (3). (3) From your list of three, develop one (1): ” What must you consider as you try to create a research project? How would you go about studying this issue? What concepts do you need to define and measure? ” At what level would you research your question? (Individual, Institutional, etc.)? ” How would you address bias or normative concerns (such as the question, Who is responsible?) in a scientific way? How could you define and measure responsibility, anyway? ” Which political science subfields does this question address (4) Find a scholarly article (using our NLC Library’s online academic database) that has conducted research in this area (refugee/migrant crises in general). How did the authors choose to research a question similar to yours?