Supply chain

Dear Sir, This assignment has 2 part and Attached for you the article on (Supply chain) which you need to Critique. This assignment belong for 2 people so when you critique keep on your mind the view of 2 writer of the assignment. So you need to write 2 views of 2 persons. For example you will write: X view about the method is ””“but Y views don’t agree with X view. Hope it is clear, here is the part details : Part A: Three things I need you to critique on article which are: ¢ Method ¢ Model ¢ research question (hypothesis) If you don’t know how to critique attached for you guide line file. Part B: After you critique you need to give Recommendation, how company on UAE apply this Model. You need to look at the Model on the article and answer the following: ¢ Does this model is implemented on your company ? how ¢ Which part of model is not implement on your company . For this question , you need to find out any company on UAE and see how this model is applied. If you couldn’t find any company, write any company from your assumption by applying the model which is in the article. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.