supplying chain strategy ( tom-tom technology com pay)

10 marks on the format of the report STEP A: Describe the Product the Supply Chain will Deliver (10 marks) ¢ Product delivered: What product is offered by tomtom- (name)- identify the product- (a product is something offering value to purchasers) ¢ Market segments: Which ˜group’ is this ˜product as identified in first part’ is targeted to? E.g people who own and/or ride a car. ¢ Who the rivals are? Who is a threat to the company? Identify the majors competitors in the market of product that tomtom offers. (majors competitors basically those companies that are a ˜threat’ to tomtom) ¢ Market position could be assessed in terms of tomtom’s current market share- e.g. if tomtom has the highest market share, it implies that it’s a market leader otherwise, (for example) if it owns a very small market share, the assumption would be that it only serves a small customer segment (niche).. look it from the data in the annual report, website and google ¢ STRATEGIC ISSUES: cost structure of tomtom, ease to entry in the market(threat of new entrants), how efficiently does it manage its relationships suppliers, profitability in the industry, PESL-(social factors the most strategically relevant ones, e.g whether customers are satisfied with the technology and are comfortable in using it) ¢ Mission, vision and values: find from the annual report ( a short summary of tomtom) STEP B: Map the Supply Chain Stream for the product delivery described in the previous step (20 marks) ¢ Map the supply chain process of tomtom and then describe each activity within that supply chain map. (one page should suffice) STEP C: Identification of Problems and Issues (20 marks) ¢ Identify the major issues (e.g. communications problems, management problems e.g. duplication of activities or even something like wastages (resource) ¢ Relate it back to the theory that you covered in your lecture. ¢ Understand and explain how these ˜issues’ affect the company’s supply chain management and the company’s value proposition in overall terms? VP is basically the value the company offers to its customers. If something affects the VP, it has an impact on customers. STEP D: Suggestions for Improvement (20 marks) ¢ Makes sure all suggestions and recommendations relate to the PROBLEMS THAT YOU IDENTIFIED IN STEP C. It should address the problems the identified. ¢ When you make a recommendation, you have to justify it. For example, this justification could be in terms of increased profitability or reduced costs. (e.g. by have a better integrated communication channel) ¢ Draw a revised supply chain map (that takes into account recommendations that you propose) STEP E: Future Strategy (20 marks) ¢ Cost leadership, Differentiation (Customer focused) or a focus of both. Whatever strategy that you propose, address those in terms of the five questions in Step E. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Then look no further. Our team of experienced writers are on standby to deliver to you a quality written paper as per your specified instructions. Order Now, and enjoy an amazing discount!!