system approach in ergonomics.

Question.1: Provide the title and the brief description of your design (Maximum 3 sentences for your description) Question.2: Identify the human needs? (Maximum 4 sentences) Question.3: Provide an existing design to satisfy human needs addressed in Question 2. Your design solution should have the better design solution than the existing one (in answering Question 7) (This question is a bonus question worth extra maximum 2 points). Question.4: If your design consists of several components select only one component for the following next questions? (State at least 3 components and select one and why you have selected that specific component?) Question.5: Specify user requirements in designing the component selected? (4 requirements) Question.6: Describe design constraints focused mainly on the following bullet points based on the aspects described below. (One sentence for each) Human factors: Design parameters for the design User benefit Human capabilities and limitations Human“machine interaction Teamwork Tools, machines, and material design Environmental factors Work and organizational design Safety requirements Question.7: Provide the solutions to meet the need you stated previously (In Question 5)? (What solutions would your design offer?) (2 solutions to any of 4 requirement addressed in Question 5). Question.8: Provide a rough sketch of your design. Looking for the best essay writer? Click below to have a customized paper written as per your requirements.