The costs and benefits of the Balanced Scorecard approach;

. BHP Billiton, as with many businesses in developed economies, Have spent a considerable amount of resources in achieving sustainable operations. In addition, it is not unusual for such companies to report to various stakeholders on their efforts and performance. BHP Billiton uses a balanced scorecard approach to assess their sustainability performance (BHP Billiton, 2014, p. 3). You have been asked to write a report for a consulting company to assess the use of the balanced scorecard by BHP Billiton as an exemplar of a company where this assessment mechanism is being used. You are required to reference the 2014 Sustainability Report, current professional literature on sustainability, sustainability reporting, and the use of the Balanced Scorecard, and relevant scholarly journal articles. The BHP Billiton 2014 Sustainability Report can be found at: The report should include relevant headings for navigation. An executive summary is not required; however, a title page and content page are required but will not be included in the word count. In text citations and headings are included in the word count. Your report must include: ¢ Outline the concepts and development of the Balanced Scorecard; ¢ Explore how BHP Billiton has used the Balanced Scorecard in its evaluations and reporting; ¢ Discuss the costs and benefits of the Balanced Scorecard approach; and ¢ Make an explicit assessment of whether the Balanced Scorecard should be widely used in business for evaluation purposes. Marks will be awarded for style and presentation, grammar, punctuation and spelling, content and coverage, and research. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Then look no further. Our team of experienced writers are on standby to deliver to you a quality written paper as per your specified instructions. Order Now, and enjoy an amazing discount!!