The Five Generic Competitive Strategies

Question 1“Our course textbook, chapter 5, discusses The Five Generic Competitive Strategies: Low-Cost Provider Strategy; Broad Differentiation Strategy; Focused Low-Cost Strategy; Focused Differentiation Strategy; and, Best-Cost Provider Strategy (see also Figure 5.1). In this forum, you need to locate two scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal sources that investigate any one generic competitive strategy from the perspective of organizations in the same sector. In other words, use research/scholarship that deals with one generic competitive strategy from one sector. More than one organization may be involved, but both articles need to deal essentially with the same area of generic competitive strategy in the same sector of organizations. Here is a great opportunity to investigate one or two of the businesses that your utilize in your personal life, but who represent one of the five competitive strategies. You may either use two articles about the same company, or two different companies”just make sure they fall in the same category of competitive strategy so that you can effectively assert why they are succeeding at what they are doing. Suggestion: a SWOT analysis could be helpful, as based on the articles you select, depending on the depth of information available (SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). Remember to use only scholarly articles (minimum two). However, three total scholarly sources are required with your post, so you may utilize your textbook as needed to support your informed assertions. Question 2“[In each week’s DQ#2, we will examine a case from our textbook and available resources, and discuss some pertinent questions that will support our skill development in the use of strategic planning instruction from the current week. These DQ#2’s do not require citations and references; they are intended to engage your critical thinking and assess your synthesis of key topics for the week.] This forum will examine the Panera Bread chain of restaurants. To give you a brief look at the company, search through a few YouTube videos available on the web, or check out these videos: First, a video that was part of a case study dealing with the President of the company (w/CC): Next comes a video entitled Panera Bread “ Positive Impact (w/CC): Go to our course textbook (Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble & Strickland, 2015), Part 2, Case 9, and read the case regarding Panera Bread (C-121 “ C-139). From the case, answer the following questions, being as specific as possible: A“What is Panera Bread’s strategy? Which of the five generic competitive strategies discussed in Chapter 5 most closely fit the competitive approach that Panera Bread is taking? What type of competitive advantage is Panera Bread trying to achieve? B“What does a SWOT analysis of Panera Bread reveal about the overall attractiveness of its situation? Does the company have any core competencies or distinctive competencies? C“What are the primary components of Panera Bread’s value chain? D“ What strategic issues and problems does Panera Bread management need to address? E“What does Panera Bread need to do to strengthen its competitive position and business prospects vis-à -vis other restaurant chain rivals? How will they be able to avoid a slowdown, or effectively work through it? Finally, based on your assessment, what can you apply to organizational work in your sector from what you in this case? Place your order now for a similar paper and have exceptional work written by our team of experts to guarantee you A Results Why Choose US 6+ years experience on custom writing 80% Return Client Urgent 2 Hrs Delivery Your Privacy Guaranteed Unlimited Free Revisions