The iPic Theater

The iPic Theater shows most popular new movies. It keeps a database of movies that contains informationabout movies and their current week sale. iPic Theater also keeps a record of previous week’s sale for the SAME movies in a different database to compare sales for two weeks. Write a Data Element class named Movie that holds the data for a movie. There will be a movie title,rate (PG, PG13, R),10viewersreview (numbered 1-5) and the number of sold tickets for the current week. Write a Data Manager Class named Movie Theater that holds a list of movies in an Array List. It also holds the average of reviews for each movie in a separate Array List. Note that average list is created at the same time when movies list is created. This class will have methods to load movies information from a file and store it in an Array list as well as their average, find the list of movies with highest and lowest reviews and the total sale. It will also have a method to compare current sale for each movie with a previous sale and report the list of movies that their sale has been increased. Write a GUI class that allows the user to load movies information from a file, show highest and lowest average review, compare sale and find total sale. Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.