The Progress Report

The Progress Report is intended to update your sponsor on where you are in the process of coming to recommendations. Ideally, the progress report will communicate raw data (data collection) and start working toward data analysis (making meaning from the data/rating the options). The raw data are the results of your Usability Test. You will submit a Progress Report with your group members, which is worth 120/150 points toward the Progress Report grade. You will also submit a self- and peer-evaluation form, worth 30/150 points. Parts of the Progress Report (6-9 pages + Appendix): 1. Purpose 2. Summary 3. Past Work (Completed Tasks) (4-6 pages) a. Usability Testing Preparation i. Establishing Usability Qualities (include your background research on the organization and usability/design here) ii. Developing a Test Plan (include the blank data collection sheets you used in the Appendix) iii. Pilot Test 1. When was the pilot test, how many people did you study, etc 2. What did you find in your pilot test that led to revisions to the Usability Test? b. Usability Testing i. Discuss how the Usability test went: how many people were you able to test, did you run into any problems in the process? ii. Present raw data from the tests (charts and graphics; large graphics should be in the Appendix) iii. Start to comment on raw data and give indication of how this may be used in coming to a recommendation, but don’t make recommendations. 4. Future Work (1-2 pages) a. Making Recommendations: How do you intend to analyze data? b. In what deliverables will you present these recommendations? 5. Conclusion: Include an updated schedule and any notes/reasons for why you are not on task or any schedule issues you foresee. Also include the next step(s) you’re taking in the process. 6. References (MLA style citation) (1 page) 7. Appendix a. Updated schedule b. Data Collection Sheets c. Large charts/graphs (findings) with captions Individual Group Evaluation You will submit a 1-2 page explanation of your group’s work on the project so far. You will complete this on your own, at home. Do not complete this in class. Class time should be spent on the group work. The evaluation will include the following sections: 1. Summary: Overall, how has group performed? Based on the following subsections. 2. Workload: How has your group chosen to separate the workload? Why did you choose to complete the work in this way? Has it been effective? How or how not? (Give specific examples). What might you suggest your group do differently moving forward? If you wish to argue that one group member should receive a different grade (higher or lower), you must provide proof (via Google docs, specific instances, etc). 3. Time Management: Do you think your group manages in-class time well? Why or why not? 4. Communication: How does your group typically share documents? Is this effective? How does the group communicate (text, e-mail, on Google docs, in class only)? Is this effective? Why or why not? 5. Leadership: Has anyone assumed the responsibility of informal leader of the project? How did this come to happen? Does everyone seem to be OK with this dynamic? Do any individuals seem to only take direction, not providing their own insight or ideas? Place your order now for a similar paper and have exceptional work written by our team of experts to guarantee you A Results Why Choose US 6+ years experience on custom writing 80% Return Client Urgent 2 Hrs Delivery Your Privacy Guaranteed Unlimited Free Revisions