Implement class Vector that provides the vector functionality needed by the test code Vector_test.cpp given below. When you do this, you should not use C++ vector class. Since Vector is a template container class, it should be implemented in one file: Vector.h. Complete Vector.h given below. A few points regarding capacity versus size: capacity: amount of memory allocated to the container in terms of number of elements. Number of bytes = capacity * length of T size: number of elements in the container. capacity is always >= size capacity “ size = number of elements that can be added without allocating more memory. reserve(): increases capacity by allocating more memory. resize(): could increase or decrease size. When increasing size, if necessary (when size > capacity) increase capacity to match size. In your implementation when size = capacity and push_back() is called, allocate 5 more memory locations first (increase capacity by 5), then insert the new element (increase size by 1). Take a look at capsize.cpp. Compile and run it and make sure you understand what it is doing. Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.