What Makes a Corporation Toxic

From Your Exploring Business text on ETHICS Chapter 2: It’s very popular today for company spokespersons to brag about the great things their companies are doing to help the environment. Condé Nast, a worldwide magazine publishing company, questioned whether many of these vocal companies have earned bragging rights or whether they’re merely engaging in self-serving marketing stunts. After extensive research, Condé Nast created two lists: the Green 11 roster of good guys and the Toxic 10³ list of offenders that could be doing more to help the environment. Review Condé Nast’s findings in its article The Toxic Ten (at Select one of the companies spotlighted. Go to that company’s Web site and read about its environmental efforts. Then answer the following questions: ¢ Based on the information provided in the Condé Nast article and on your selected company’s Web site, how would you rate the company’s environmental initiatives? ¢ Do the statements on the company’s Web site mesh with the criticism voiced by Condé Nast? ¢ In your opinion, does the company deserve to be on Condé Nast’s Toxic 10³ list? Why, or why not? ¢ Why does the company promote its environmental efforts? Is this promotion effective? Click Order now to have a similar paper completed for you by our team of Experts.