Women should be assigned to combat duty equally with men.

PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS I WILL POST AN EXAMPLE BELOW OF WHAT IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE ITS A BLOG. NO PLAGERISM For step 1 you can choose to do it on one of the three i list below you only need one. 1. A student hould report a fellow student who is cheating on an exam or plagiarizing an essay. 2. Women should be assigned to combat duty equally with men. 3. Athletes should be allowed to take steriods and human growth hormone under a docotrs supervision. BELOW IS AN EXAMPLE: Blog # 2 Claim: Women should not be assign to combat duty in the military. Believe: There are so many reasons why I believe that women should not be assigned into combat positions in the US Military. There are so many physical requirement that one has to meet in the military to be allowed to go on combat duty. Naturally women are more delicate and fragile and they are not physically as strong as men. Therefore, performing these task will be hard and dangerous for the women that are assigned to combat duty. Forcing women to meet this physical requirement will be harmful to their health. According to the New York Times, two women entered into the Army and tried fighting in combat but quit after three weeks because they felt they were not ready for it. They admitted they were under pressure, and said they thought the requirement were extremely challenging and not achievable for a woman. Women are also emotionally weaker than men. Even though Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an issue for male combat soldiers, it will be a much bigger issue for women. I believe death is a much bigger thing for a woman to handle than a man.Another important factor is the possible intimate relationships between men and women in the army, when they are gathered to fight and protect the country. They are in a life and death situation, therefore creating romantic attractions might intervene with their purpose in war. Doubt:Where and how women serve in the military should be based on ability and training, not gender. Policies that prohibit the military from using the skills of all service members should be changed. Women have always fought and died in America’s wars. They have led men in battle, been prisoners of war, fired lethal weapons, and operated our most sophisticated systems. They fly combat aircraft and serve on combat ships. Women meet the military’s physical and mental standards, are technically proficient, and are highly trained war fighters and leaders. There has always been that believe that what a man can do a woman can do it better and because of that they should been giving the chance to join the fight. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.